Could it be that Gov. Inslee bought the Dominion machines with the "stolen" unemployment money??

D4L Sat, 11/21/2020 - 00:28
The Washington State swamp is as bad as the other if true!! A comment from the posting states:
"Suzie Levine, Commissioner of Washington State Employment Security Dept...she was appointed by INSLEE.
Levine gave a short phone interview with KHQ6 News, where she states that the Washington State ESD website would be shutdown on 4/18/2020...
So the department could "roll out" a new safety system to "protect" from possible scammers. Then BAMMMMM! "Nigerians" scammed the state.
Also Note:
Look into Levines resume, she used to work for MICROSOFT.
Connect the dots, see the picture."

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