Here's a thought to turn the tables on these mask warriors

D4L Thu, 10/22/2020 - 04:16

I just read a comment on facebook from this pro-mask guy saying the following to an anti-masker:

"oh but i don't care what happens to you. Win the lottery, die horribly,... I don't care.
You want to act like a rebellious teenager, go ahead. If you lack the basic knowledge, that's on you. But that says enough what person you are."
Mask advocates say: "wearing a mask shows you care about others as not wearing one makes you selfish and uncaring"
Only thing I've ever seen from pro-mask people who hate on anti-maskers is that they don't care if you or I die just as long as we "comply" to show we "care"
My response to this guy:
"Surprising attitude for someone who wears a mask that's supposed to be signifying you actually CARE about others...honestly, you're very selfish."
My new motto anyway hehe!
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