A Memoire - May 14th, 2016

The Pen Sat, 05/14/2016 - 16:02

I'm pretty sure the only one who will ever write about me is me. Not that I necessarily want anyone else to write about me, but being truthful have thought of it. Then I think, what would they say? Does anyone truly know me well enough to write about me? Does anyone know you well enough to write about you? It's an interesting question. Back to course, I am writing about the day I've had so far, not that it will matter to any of you or that it is supposed to come across as important to any of you. I am writing to release.

Kids were off by mid-morning and to be gone until the one that follows it. I've recently quit making excuses for myself and have been able to obtain a weight-bench set for nothing more than a 12 pack of beer (an American Eagle as a thank you for the advantage in an incredible barter). I've begun running again, trying to gradually lessen my alcohol consumption and have for the first time in over 10 years done sit ups, knee raises, planking and mountain climbers. It's amazing how excuses can get in the way of everything.

The point is, it's never too late...for anything, unless you fail to begin it before your time is up. I know many of us wouldn't normally contemplate death or what it is to be like upon it's arrival, but the present moment is all we get. And the next one, and after. Maybe the future you want to see is best made in the moment you get right now. I love to write and share and express ideas through words. It's not something I can do away with, as it is my means to decompressing. The wonderful thing about getting older is that you come to act upon in a more contemplative way, that which makes you who you are.

I want to lift weights again! So I'm doing it. I want to run again...so I'm doing it! Not to sound or infringe upon the words of any privately-held business, but I'm just doing it. If I intend to be around; if I intend to experience my children becoming adults, I am left with the clearest choice. That choice glimmers brighter than a diamond; that choice is pleasantly urgent.

Peace and Love always.

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So inspiring. Thank you for this. Loving living every sec. because the next one is never guaranteed. There's a sense of empowerment. The day one understands that we come with an expiration moment that it is unknown. And this is KNOWN from day one of breathing. If we stand aware every moment and understood that, no one would ever be down and under for silly things.

Give the first step is my daily mantra. Yes, dear. Giving the first step is all it takes. I tell myself that with just about everything that appears to be a drag to begin with.

I use mopping as my exercise. There's roughly around 1,500 Sq FT of surface area to vacuum and mop 4 to 5 times to lift the dust and sand from tile. Water in the bucket must be clear by the 5th time or the tile shows streaks. Dogs and husband don't take their shoes off.

Living surrounded by sand demands constant vacuum and moping or you drown in sand and dust. I do not look forward to this but I tell self. Just start, take the first step and once started it is a high. The battle of the mop against dust becomes real. Satisfaction is the outcome. Feeling of accomplishment and realization "I must do this again in a few days" but I get double dribble results from it. Clean floor for a few moment, a heart pumping and burnt who knows how many calories.

The battle of lazy side vs. must do.

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