Government is no longer the PROTECTOR of our LIBERTIES but rather a 3rd PARTY interfering between voluntary exchanges of others

pawnstorm12 Thu, 09/17/2020 - 19:15

The United States government was created only to PROTECT OUR LIBERTIES!!!

But it is no longer interested in its PROPER ROLE as spelled out in our Constitution.

Government now sees itself as an OPPORTUNIST - INJECTING itself in the voluntary exchanges between parties.

For examples:

Why do we need marrioage licenses?  Why is GOVERNMENT involved in MARRIAGE between two individuals???

Why do you need a license to own a pet?  How is THAT government's business?

Why is there a Federal Income Tax?  AGAIN, Government injecting itself between EMPLOYERS and their EMPLOYEES to forcibly grab (STEAL) a piece of their hard-earned pay.

Why do I need a license to buy a boat?  I am doing a voluntary exchange between me and the owner of the boat - WHY IS GOVERNMENT involved in the equation?

Why are there SALES taxes?  I am PURCHASING goods or services on a VOLUNTARY BASIS from a merchant.  Why the hell does the GOVERNMENT think it should get a piece?

Why are there PROPERTY TAXES?  This means that as long as I own this property WHICH I purchased, that the GOVERNMENT OWNS IT - NOT ME.  If I fail to PAY them one year for PROPERTY taxes they will come and TAKE IT AWAY.  Where is THAT in the U.S. Constitutuion?

Why is there FOREIGN AID???  STOLEN from the pockets of the American people BY THEIR GOVERNMENT and GIVEN AWAY WILLY-NILLY to FOREIGN GOVERNMENTS.  I can't find this authorized ANYWHERE in the Constitution.

I could go on an on and I'll bet you all could add a ton more examples.

But suffice it to say that our government has changed from an entity tasked with PROTECTING us to one which now FRAUDS us, STEALS from us and RE-Distributes OUR PROPERTY to others who IT deems more WORTHY of having it.

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