Eastern Washington's Antifa problem!

D4L Wed, 09/16/2020 - 10:23


In our last writing, we told you Spokane had an Antifa problem and now we are going to let some details out. We are still in the middle of uncovering things as are local authority and the Federal authorities.
One only has to look at the booking photos and information coming out of Portland to see that Washington Antifa members have been going down to Portland to participate in the rioting going on down there. How are they getting the funding t go and where do they stay?
When you look at people like Jacob Williams 21, of Spokane who was booked on Felony rioting a couple questions come to mind. Does he have a job? Where is getting the money to travel? Where is he staying at when he gets down there? These questions are getting answered not only by patriots who going undercover at these protests but also by Law enforcement officials. Spokane Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich has commented on this on a recent Inlander article. The writer tried to defend Antifa saying they were basically "scapegoats". "What do you expect from a liberal rag like them" said one of the three percenters who has infiltrated the local BLM/Antifa crowd.
"You have one of their logistics guys who works for a certain cable company and we know who he is." Then you have one guy who lives pretty far from the rest and over by the Wandermere Golf course in a nice area." when asked how he knew this his reply was "We have been on these guys for 8 months now". "Look at this guy he has a DSA banner also but the one that worries me is this lady who is an Elementary school teacher for Spokane". As he showed me more than 25 pics of people he also had their background checks, Facebook profiles, pics of their homes, and their cars.
Law enforcement sources at SPD said to me "sounds about right" and the same people they are tracking when I mentioned the names I was given. This law enforcement source also said an area of big interest was the Sunset hill area and Coeur d’Alene Park. "Really we know BLM and Antifa have many members that live from Sunset up to Pacific ave and have had our eyes on that area 24-7. The guys I spoke to also mentioned some members being "Anchors". That is, when Antifa comes to town they stay at their homes (Anchors) and when I brought that up to my Law enforcement source the answer was "We are aware of these homes".
Some are convinced that there are 2 Spokane city council members working with Antifa discreetly. Now I have to admit that was a far stretch for me but pulling up the names I was given on Facebook every single person was friends with at least one of the Spokane city council members that were mentioned. Still, that is not proof but it is curious if you know this person past stunts and social actions.
We are told There is more to come out in time and to watch for the new groups popping up here in Spokane. 14First, Spokane street medics, DSA members, 815 Mutual Aid Network, and local food trucks like Riot Ribs in Portland that feed these rioters. You can draw a clear line to who is who and who is connected to who, it is not hard at all. What is also alarming is those in the media aligned with Antifa and defend their actions or try to cover for them. The Inlander is only one publication but look at the news anchors. One such anchor a female at KXLY was both known to our law enforcement source and the patriot group that was collecting information as well. In any case, we are eager to meet up with this group again to get more info and to see where the next article takes us.
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