Gmork ~ The Nothing

The Pen Sat, 04/30/2016 - 00:53

Who are we? We are literally pulled involuntarily towards the core of fiery innards in Mother Earth. We pronounce grand endeavor and spend human and animal life as if forever abundant. We feign the notion that fear is necessary, yet hate that we must fear in order to live freely. I'm so tired of this heaviness in mankind. I'm so sick of the destitution and the destabilization at the hands of political-prostitutes for hire and meticulously-placed destabilizers within a corrupt governing mechanism. It ends when the nothing consumes the last of what it was designed to consume: fear. If we loose fear in order to let-in hope, we starve the beast we have continually fed.

I'm reminded of this Oscar-Worthy scene in The Neverending Story -

"Because people who have no hopes, are easy to control" - Gmork

Have hope, for anything!

Peace and Love always.

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