TRUMP: "Displaying a Confederate flag is a free speech issue but burning an American flag is NOT...BE CONSISTENT Mr. President!

pawnstorm12 Tue, 07/14/2020 - 16:20

WHY IS THAT Trump???  Would displaying a NAZI FLAG be a free speech issue or would that be OUTLAWED by you and your government henchmen?

Utterly inconsistent and just like the RINOS and LIBERALS, when they get painted into a corner because they don't have good answers, they call you names.

Or they say you will be impriosned for one year if you burn an American flag as Trump advocates.

---The absolute BEAUTY of Libertarian thought and great Libertarian thinkers like Ron Paul and Ayn Rand is their consistency.

You see, when your PREMISE is based in truth, virtue, principles and morals (such as with LIBERTARIAN IDEALISM), then your answers come easily and basically BY THEMSELVES!

You never have to think too hard when someone asks about an issue and how best to approach it.

I will only vote for candidates who speak PRINCIPLED words and support TRUE LIBERTY which is ALL-INCLUSIVE and does not parse its answers based on inconsistent thought.

One great example of true liberty is a statement made by author Ayn Rand about different ethnicities, classes or divisions among humans.  She said: "THE SMALLEST MINORITY IN THE WORLD IS THE INDIVIDUAL"

Approaching life in this manner does away with all racial, religious, ethnic, gender, economic, sexual-orientation any other class divisions.

This is NOT what either major U.S. political party does with their "special rights" for this, that and the other group and utterly ignoring the idea of INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY.


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