Who is the Minneapolis Umbrella Man?

StandUp4Liberty Sat, 05/30/2020 - 10:50

Is this just a random provocatatur or is there something else going on?

Did the victim George Floyd and white officer Derek Chauvin know each other?

Be careful of misinformation. Take with a big pinch of salt, question everything and do your own research.

Published on May 29, 2020

Footage shot by citizen journalists during protests in Minneapolis following the murder of African-American man George Floyd by white officer Derek Chauvin shows an unidentified man smashing windows of a local AutoZone. The violence is a contrast to the actions of the nearby crowd, with some members attempting to stop the man from causing trouble, which he soon does once he realises he is on camera. Afterwards, a woman claiming to be the former partner of Minneapolis police officer James Pederson identified him as the umbrella man, while the department continues to insist the man is not one of them. The mystery further complicates the quickly evolving events, along with reports that both Floyd and Chauvin were employed at the same time at El Neuvo Rodeo, a local club which had nearly lost its liquor license for frequent violations of the law. During the investigation, the testimony of off-duty officers such as Chauvin, who were employed by the club to co-ordinate with bouncers such as Floyd, proved critical in convincing the judge to renew their license.

Who is the Minneapolis Umbrella Man? - YouTube

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