"The Dawning Of A New Era: Post-Capitalism 1.0"

StandUp4Liberty Thu, 05/21/2020 - 18:32

For years Catherine Austin Fitts has said that the economy was under a controlled demolition. I've been trying wake up and show people who and what is going on behind the curtain. I posted a comment a few months ago saying the reset was going to happen in a year or two. I've had this picture in my phone for at least 4 years.


"The Dawning Of A New Era: Post-Capitalism 1.0"

We are transitioning to a centrally planned technocracy.  Google and Microsoft are developing the Artificial Intelligence, Apple and Facebook collect and funnel the big data, Amazon is the central distribution/consumption hub.  Obviously there are other big tech players involved, but that's the basic layout of "the economy".  5G rollout is HUGE, and it's not a happenstance that it is being rolled out now at this juncture.  This sets up the architecture of Internet of Things and BIG data necessary to feed and grow the central AI management systems. The virus was used as an excuse to provoke the policy response of shutdown/lockdown, which popped the Everything Bubble, allowing for extreme measures by the Fed and Gov't.  The economy has been placed in Fed receivership for reorganization along technocratic socialist lines.  Markets are now officially dead and centralized management has been established.  The labor force has been started along the path towards dependency via UBI beta test programs such as the $1200 payment and the expanded unemployment benefits.  The coronapanic was essentially a controlled demolition.  While there may be occasional controlled demolitions of select areas of the financial system or economy from time to time, there will be no uncontrolled "collapse".  We are undergoing a managed transition.

"The Dawning Of A New Era: Post-Capitalism 1.0"


Remember! In 1988, Globalist Mouthpiece Predicted A Global Currency By 2018 And Warned Implementing The New System Would Unleash Massive Chaos And Civil Unrest


1988 front cover of The Economist, owned by the Rothschild dynasty and an elite Italian banking family. 30+ year plan just a few years behind schedule.
Burning US dollars (cashless / digital trackable money), 2018 on Chineese coin,  "Get ready for a new world curency"
Welcome to the New World Order.

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