Washington Republican state lawmakers to file lawsuit to end stay-home order

D4L Wed, 05/06/2020 - 02:02

Several Republican state lawmakers plan to file a federal lawsuit in Pierce County targeting Gov. Jay Inslee's stay at home order. The lawmakers want to abolish it and reopen businesses.

The lawsuit argues that the governor's orders are unconstitutional and too broad.

"There's not an emergency in Washington anymore. That's actually great news and it's ridiculous that the governor is continuing over the course he's on," said attorney Joel Ard. "This is not a disease that affects the youth of this state. No one under 20 has died from it. It doesn't even really people under 60 unless they're already really sick.”

Ard argued that the governor's order should be targeted toward those at most risk.

“There’s randomness in the order that is a constitutional problem.”


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