This virus event is showing how useless a lot of government is

JD Sat, 04/04/2020 - 11:08

Look around and see how many government departments and agencies are shut down and it s having little affect on our lives., maybe even having a positive effect on our lives.

Is it an unintentional consequences that the people are able to live their lives without so much government? From local to federal office We the People  see lots of government departments and agencies as well as cutbacks in other government offices and We the People see little effect on our lives.

We see even with our elected officials with them doing less, we the people see little effect on our lives. Which tells us, these departs and agencies are useless to We the People, but only beneficial to government to try and restrict and remove our rights.

We are seeing a lot of useless spending for department and agencies that have no benefit to We the People. These agencies need to be shut down permanently. We the People need to insist to get rid of useless government and saving taxpayer money by reducing taxes for these useless government departments, agencies and employees. 


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