How does the Govt. Assume authority to violate the Constitution? [JD editorial]

JD Fri, 03/27/2020 - 18:18

The government in several different levels and ways are violating human rights which are also guaranteed by the 1st amendment. The freedom to assemble and our right to worship. The government has assumed authority they do not have keeping people from assembly and also refusing to let them worship together as their faith may dictate. Acts 5:29 But Peter and the other apostles answered and said: "We ought to obey God rather than men.

Remember the constitution was written to keep the government under control, not for We the People to be subservient to the government. Even with the government declaration of emergency. The only  lawful way for government to suspend, cancel these human rights which are guaranteed by the constitution is to amend the constitution and we the people give the government the right to cancel or suspend these rights.

People by not challenging the government actions are bowing and letting the government take these rights.

You hear more government employees say we're just doing our jobs. Remember the Germans putting the Jews in the gas chambers were just doing there jobs. We the people need to be more aggressive in holding our government accountable to the full extent of the constitution and law.

We the People need to be very careful that we're not succeeding our rights to a tyrannical government. Too many government employees, public servants,  are thinking  that they are We the people's masters.

The government should be require to make an individual "whole" when they charge an individual with a crime and then the charges are dropped or the individual  is found not guilty.

The government should have to pay for all legal cost, travel time, the persons time including any lost wages or loss of job because of the charges,  for any time sent in jail and reimbursed all bail. 

There is a supreme court case opinion, not law, that says We the People can't hold public servants and elected officials personally accountable. We need to make a law, a constitutional amendment, that allows  public servants and elected officials to be help personally accountable, like everyone else; "equal protection under the law". When there is no accountability, there is no responsibility.

Be watchful because the government at all levels are evolving into tyrannical government. 


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