On the Jews and Their Lies : An introduction by Thomas Dalton, PhD

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As the founder of the Lutheran church, Martin Luther (1483-1546) was one of the most consequential theologians in history.  The Catholic Church was perhaps his most famous opponent, but Luther faced another threat in the Jews.  Jews, said Luther, posed a mortal threat to social and spiritual well-being for several reasons:  they taught false theology, they slandered Jesus, Mary, and all Christians, and they virtually enslaved the populace through their damnable usury (lending at interest).  Jews are arrogant liars, thought Luther, and they harbor an interminable hatred of humanity.  As such, the harshest measures against them are warranted. 

​Hence his dramatic plan of action:  destroy the synagogues, ban Judaic teaching, confiscate ill-gotten Jewish wealth, put Jews to hard labor, and ultimately, drive them out of Christian lands.  Jews are incorrigible corrupters of humanity, and nothing less would get to the root of the problem.

On the Jews and Their Lies thus stands as one of the most remarkable books in history.  Owing to its controversy, it is also one of the least-known.  Now for the first time, the entire text is presented in English, in an authoritative fashion—complete with proper introduction, detailed footnotes, and helpful bibliography and index. 

This is not just ancient history.  Martin Luther’s book is suffused with lessons for the present day.

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