Mark Levin: Donald Trump ‘The First Jewish President of the United States’

pawnstorm12 Fri, 12/13/2019 - 09:07


Yeah, GREAT.

Levin is a DIRTY ISRAEL-FIRST TRAITOR to the United States.

As is Trump.

As is the ROTTED REPUBLICAN PARTY which swears allegiance to ISRAEL in their party platforms.

Here's what Levin said about Trump's kissing of Israel's ass at ever turn which is a VIOLATION of our Constitution which requires allegience by elected officials to ONLY ONE COUNTRY...


NO OTHER COUNTRY should be the subject of our allegience - ESPECIALLY a RACIST State such as Israel which is busy ETHNEIC CLEANSING the Palestinians OUT of the region altogether.

Story here...

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It makes no sense. Trump appears to be kissing Israel's ass, but at the same time the vast majority of people working overtime to remove him from office are Jews. So what's up with that, they can't make up their minds?

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The Solons on Capitol Hill are terrified of the expression “dual loyalty.” They are afraid because dual loyalty means that one is not completely a loyal citizen of the country where one was born, raised and, presumably, prospered. It also suggests something more perverse, and that is dual citizenship, which in its present historic and social context particularly refers to the Jewish congressmen and women who just might be citizens of boththe United States and Israel. (Ron Unz, is a Jew, who published this?)