TruNews Banned On JewTube - Repocalypse! Former Fed Repo Czar Warns Possible Banking Crisis Within Days

StandUp4Liberty Tue, 12/10/2019 - 23:53

At times Trump is confusing to me. I've been trying to understand the Big picture about Trump and the coup. Why are the Jewish controlled media and Jewish members of Congress attacking Trump, when Trump is the most Zionists president in our history. On the other side you have have Kushner, Adelson, Wall Street, the Embassy, etc. Rick Wiles gives a good explanation. I know that the Democrat impeachment is about projecting to protect their corrupt asses. Rick says this is really two Jewish factions fighting for control. I've said that what we are seeing competing organized criminal global gangsters fighting for power of the likes of Bush's, Clintons and Jewish players  However, Rick says this about just two factions of the top Jewish power players fight for control. The Bush's, Clintons are only upper level puppets to real power, shadow billionaire elite that run everything. Sometimes, I think this all purposeful mega political theater "clown circus" to distract polarize the Left and Right. You can debate the reasons.

Here is the Zero Hedge article.  How many times have we heard this before. Is this just fear porn? I would recommend scanning through the comment section to get feel what others think.  Remember in 2008  "they" told us the banks were too big to fail and we must bail them out or the universe would blow up. How much of this is manufactured?  Are they loosing control or allowing it to spin out of control, "Controlled Collapse"? The entire financial system is manipulated.

Repocalypse! Former Fed Repo Czar Warns Possible Banking Crisis Within Days


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