Zionism Rules Baby! - TruNews God Cast - Anti-Free Speech Fascists: Who is Behind the Global War on Free Speech?

StandUp4Liberty Sat, 11/09/2019 - 18:58

UPDATE: No surprise JewTube has sensored the video, you can still watch at TruNews here.


You know you're over the target, when you attrack flak . It's all political theater. More and more I'm starting to think the Trump against FAKE NEWS montra and the mainstream conservative media is all FAKE. Pandering to what the conservative/ right want to hear to manufature support to say in power. If not completely fake, then the attack on Trump must be the Left fighting for conrol so they can be the ones in poswer and continue their stealing of taxes and giving it to their buddies. They both play the same corrupt game. A compeititon who can steal and reward the MIC or whatever lobby so they can get kickbacks one way or another.

It reminds me back around 2009 when I came a across a photo of Rupert Murdock (President News Corp / Fox News), Jeb Bush and Valerie Jarrett (Obama's closest advisor and confidant) sitting at the same table at a formal dinner. That was an eye opener for me. Actually, I think I got this photo from a post on The Daily Paul and it said something like, "...feel like a sucker?' They project the false Left / Right paradigm to us; however, it's all Kumbaya to them. We don't have a representative government anymore. The American people have been cut out of the deal.

Rick Wiles calls Ben Crenshaw a Zionist Prostitute!

Americans pay taxes for their own zio-liberal propaganda brainwashing with Foreign Aid used as a slush fund laundered into the media and churches.

TruNews God Cast: Anti-Free Speech Fascists: Who is Behind the Global War on Free Speech?



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