What Inspires You To Action?

The Pen Fri, 04/01/2016 - 00:23

I trust you all will bear with me as I allude again to the latest inspiration of my life in rock climbing. Nearly a month ago I stumbled onto rock, my mind climbing with the YouTube video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SR1jwwagtaQ - and aweing the empowering ability of the human body when the mind is free. As I ascend to the 'jugs' and 'pinches' of almost 40 years of life, I have found in watching rock climbing (soon taking up the activity) an inspiration I haven't felt since I met my wife almost 16 years ago, the births of my children or since my studies of music composition and performance in college. I have taken it upon myself to search out local rock climbing/bouldering venues and am looking into converting what has inspired me into the action of ascending my own routes with time. It's amazing that you can live 37 years of life and still come to find a world you otherwise would have never known existed.

I choose to believe everything happens for a reason, whether we come to know the reason or not. So, what inspires you to action? What inspires you to create?

I am excited to try something that will test me physically and possibly, emotionally. I anticipate sore fingers, wrists, forearms and all other body, yet with welcome arms and mind. We tend to find what we may not have been looking for, only to realize it as something that may have been your seeker. Regardless of the reason for my sparked interest, it is an adventure and a challenge AND a gift, if I'm willing to receive it. It's daunting to realize my own stagnation after a decade spent consulting finances in the seated position. And now I'm sitting here blabbering on about something that has made me feel young again.

I used to and at some degree still do, aspire to the 'body-builder' of my teen years, the 'pianist' of my college years and the advocate for liberty in my latest ones. Yet I have reached a point in life where change has transmogrified from a sometimes-agonizing experience to that of an oft-fulfilling one. The power of optimism can be greater than the powers so opposed, even though at times we succumb to the opposition as the pessimist or the narcissist.

I feel that my writing could be 'a better offering' by exploring those things which allow the light to shine through, versus that which allows the dark to keep it separate and distant. It's never too late for seizing opportunity and I entertain the idea that opportunities are presented precisely when you choose to see them. I am choosing to look at the world with BIG EYES and learning that the untapped opportunities and adventures may very well require those eyes to be not only big, but receptive an willing.

Peace and Love always.

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I have recently been attempting to come up with outside the box thinking on mind expansion. You talking about inspiration made me realize once again that we cannot open our minds to new things if the thought to open the mind to that new direction does not enter our head. It's kinda like if you're trying to sell something that's very popular, but if no one see's your ad, you don't have or can't find a buyer.

Sometimes it's just hard to find the thought to start it all...... How do we find it, when we don't know where to look? That inspiration, that spark, needs to ignite first.........................

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"The power of optimism can be greater than the powers so opposed, even though at times we succumb to the opposition as the pessimist or the narcissist."

optimism = inspiration

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