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A skeptical reader might suspect that the quotes below were cherry-picked out of context and arranged for propaganda purposes. This is an understandable, though mistaken suspicion. (rip kitty, sugar!)

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I read a book called "When Money Dies" a History of the Weimar Republic.

To sum up a long story of what WWII was really about it was this...

1. The Zionist Jews had always wanted a State for Israel in Palestine (this was actually more than 50 years prior to WWII).

2. In 1917 they convinced England to sign the "Balfour Declaration" promising the Zionists their State if the Zionists got the U.S. involved in World War One.

3. So the Zionists talked Woodrow Wilson into joining the war (which had NOTHING TO DO WITH AMERICA) probably using threats, promises of lots of money or special favors.

4. Since the promised State for Israel did not quite happen as planned after WWI, the Zionists engineered another monster war (WWII) including funding Hitler's "Holocaust" activities to garner world support for a State for Israel.  They literally helped send their own Jewish brothers and sisters to slaughter in Nazi Germany to get more world sympathy for their cause. 

5. The seeds of WWII were sown at the Treaty of Versailles in whch the punitive terms put on Germany were designed to make it impossible to ever pay war reparations, debts etc. and even stole whole regions from Germany (and given to France) like the Rohr, from which so much of Germany's coal production came.

6. The shattered German economy (designed by the Versailles Treaty) laid the groundwork for Hitler's rise to power based soley on restoring Germany as a viable nation.  It was NOT about taking over the world!.

7. Once WWII was over (with the Holocaust hijacked as just a "Jewish" thing), the Zionists had sufficent support for a State for Israel, so in 1947 they put into play what the Balfour Declartation had promised 30 years prior and drew up boundaries for the new state (Backed by the military might of England and the United States).

8. The Zionists (backed by America and England) forcibly relocated over 700,000 Palestinians from their their homelands to the tiny Gaza Strip or West Bank.  Any Palestinians who resisted were killed or forced off the lands they had farmed and inhabited for thousands of years.

9. Since 1947 to present-day, any Palestinian who protests what was done to them a little too much simply gets imprisoned or shot dead by Israeli military forces and the world stands idly by or WORSE (such as the United States giving Israel 10.5 million dollars a DAY to suppress Palestinians).

And there you have it in a nutshell - A history of the present-day State of Israel in a few paragraphs.

If you don't believe it then read history.

But DON'T listen to...


Right-wing radio talk-show LIARS like Michael Medved, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck or Mark Levin,

The Trump (Israel-First) Administration,

The U.S. Congress (except for a few who tell the truth and are called "Anti-Semites" for it),

The LYING, HYPOCRITE EVANGELICAL"CHRISTIANS" who lie every Sunday morning about the REAL history of the modern State of Israel which IS the "Anti-Christ" Incarnate.

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed and over-regulated and overrun by bureaucrats - the founders would be ashamed." -Ron Paul