Effing SICKO M.F. Jay Inslee signs bill approving HUMAN COMPOSTING in Washington State!!!

pawnstorm12 Wed, 05/22/2019 - 04:50


Now per this new law our food can be grown using HUMAN REMAINS as compost.

Does it get any sicker than THIS???

Remember the movie Soylent Green?...Now it's actually coming to pass.

Remember Mad Cow Disease wherein cows eating ground up cows went crazy?...Now it's coming to humans.

How SICK is a company that designed this product? 

(The company, called Recompose, will place bodies in steel vessels with wood chips, alfalfa and straw, enabling microbes to break down bodies into soil in about a month.  Recompose plans to charge about $5,500, more than no-frills cremation and less than burial in a casket).


How SICK is a governor who would sign this into law?

This just happened today and makes me embaraesed to be a resident of this state. 

Just one more nail in THIS coffin for me (Looking to head to the Desert Southwest). 

More here on this sad, sick and utterly immoral story here...


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are ignorantly oblivious, or worse, they don't care? http://deliberatedumbingdown.com/ddd/2018/10/04/your-childrens-futures-and-that-of-a-free-usa-are-dead-education-week-report/

Search, St. John, 'the beloved', and you will see people and (anti)Christians say Yaheshua, was a homosexual!!!!! That, shows how Talmudic following of 'the Rabbis(Pharisees)', are winning, and we might see Rev. 2:9 and 3:9,in our time?

Pawnstorm12, I don't want to get into Religion, but I hope you, as a Catholic, know why Yaheshua, referred to John, as 'his beloved', because he was the youngest, and said he would live to an old age, teach his word, unlike the other apostles?