pawnstorm12 Thu, 05/16/2019 - 01:40

1. llhan Omar (U.S. Congresswoman from Minnesota) of Somali descent,

2. Rashida Tlaib (U.S. Congresswoman from Michigan) of Palestinian descent.



By the way - I'm a WHITE, CATHOLIC, MALE, LIBERTARIAN so you can't say I'm a "radical Islamist" (like FOX NEWS or the dirty GOP would call me) for supporting these ladies.

Unless we BREAK THE CHAINS that ISRAEL has over our country we will forever be SLAVES to whatever they demand.

You can see it right now on issues like Iran, Syria, Yemen, Somalia, Venezuela and past aggressions like Iraq, Lybia, Afghanistan and numerous other aggressive policies.


WHY IS IT that every time these women TELL TRUTHS they are bastardized by the media, the congress and the idiot SHEEPLES of America who are just too plain DUMB to even know they are telling the truth about U.S. policies???

This is due to...

1. Mis-Education directed by the Dept of Education - designed to keep the people dumbed-down so they can do their dirty deeds,

2. The mainstream media - owned by Zionists whose agenda is to further the cause of ONE country...ISRAEL,

3. The bankers who control the world (Can you say the Rothschilds - who changed their name to sound GERMAN so no one would know who they REALLY are (look it up),

4. The U.S. Congress - who is bought and sold by the abovementioned powers - whose agendas are not to further the cause of America, but rather to advance the agendas of the profiteers of wars, interventions, conflicts, occupations and ultimately to ISRAEL.

If you want to argue with me, you had better start reading some history - and NOT the crap fed to us by the Department of Education.

And remember - Lest you fear Muslims will institute different laws once elected, for one thing they TOO take oaths to uphold the Constitution.

Since the bastards in Congress today (and most since 1913) have decided NOT to keep their oaths to uphold the constitution, maybe the Muslim elected to office actually WILL.


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"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed and over-regulated and overrun by bureaucrats - the founders would be ashamed." -Ron Paul
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Sadly, it was your religous belief, that created Islam, and it backfired, maybe, but was probably a well planned plot by the Pharisee money changers, who began their undermining of Rome, when they pushed the crucifiction of Yaheshua?

St. John 'the Beloved' was the real creator of Yaheshua's "Church", not Peter. Yaheshua, stated, only John would live to an old age, Peter, was crucified upside down a few years after Christ. It was John, who directly taught 'the Church' (calling out of Yaheshua's Word), to Saint's Polycarp, Ignatius and Clement, know as the 'early Church fathers'.

It was, Ignatius, who created the term 'katholikos', meaning 'to teach the Church of Yaheshua to be a personal belief, not a doctrine'. I have researched the history, but have never found the reason, Constantinople, which followed (not entirely John's teachings) Eastern(Greek) Othodoxy, that denied Jews from government, banking and education, and stood for 1000yrs. Who eventually overthrew them, the Muslims?

Why, when Rome fell, Emporer Constantine, created Constantinople, following Eastern Othodox, not Roman 'Pope' Catholicism, lasted twice as long, it was reverted back to Roman Cotholicism? Your religion, for the last 3 Popes, have not supported their Catholic Palestinians, besides the Greek Othodox and Armenian Palestian priests, who are daily under persecution, and reside as the protectors of the 'Church of Holy Sepulchre'?

I know many Muslims in America, who are good people. However, their are many who follow Wahabbist and/or tribal beliefs, that are not compliant for our Republic. I'm still the only person I know, who used the 'True Gospel of Christ', to convert a Saudi Wahabbist, to Yaheshua. Unlike, Judaism, Muslims believe 'Essa' was born by a virgin mother, was a high prophet, who had powers unlike any others from Allah.  

I asked, if you believe from the Quran, 'Essa' was born from a virgin, and had powers from Allah(Yah/God), to heal and raise the dead, how could Muhammed, be superior? If Muhammed was to be Allah's transcending relgion, why didn't he have any power 'even remotely', to 'Essa;?

Pawnstorm, Christianity, was never meant to be 'doctrines' in buildings, falsely named a Church. It was about teaching the 'Word of Yaheshua', as a personal relationship, without control.


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You are 100% correct. This journey begins with the first step. The fact that these 2 ladies were even elected is a testimony to the awakening of their constituents. Let's hope that they can accomplish something during their terms as the Zionist juggernaut will go into overdrive to make them one termers.