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The Pen Sat, 03/19/2016 - 15:25

Imagine a world whereby the more one spends,
no matter their obligations to live, on food,
in so to lower the toxicity
which one accumulates by lesser pure,
processed, altered and poisoned brands,
owned by the manipulators of genetic integrity, sovereignty
and genetic endowments;
owned by the vultures out of us they create,
by aggressive, illicit infringements
upon the code that literally makes us what we are,
makes other things what they are to be.

Imagine a world of toxic enforcement,
which strives to make sick, heal and advise,
on the health of a life they cannot possibly know
better than you.

Under the guise of medicine they ascribe their 'powders', tinctures and pills,
upon an uneducated mass,
who are teetering the verges of awakening -
and will teeter on with their further advent,
to profit on the exorbitantly long and censored path
to death.

Man ascribes a great detriment to 'God' when he justifies his own sins towards other men by It and for It.

Katatonia: In The White


Peace and Love always.

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