Huckstering in the Name of God

tpreitzel Fri, 03/22/2019 - 11:37


1. Claim Divine approval of their agenda

2. Conduct business behind universally recognized Divine symbology, e.g. Ichthys, etc.

3. Use slick marketing developed largely by females, e.g. the preposterous slogan, "You deserve ..."

4. Reality is different than verbal claim which is an attempt to deflect criticism in advance of their actions, i.e. a disclaimer for their actual behavior


These people are EVERYWHERE and dangerous because they're frequently subtle and largely unprincipled except for money. You'll find these people in ALL walks of life, religion, media, etc. I don't need to specifiy any particular entity as you can easily spot them.


I have in mind one woman who had hired a nice Christian lady as a cover for her wicked behavior. Should the Christian lady have worked for the wicked female owner since the Christian lady was clearly aware of the owner? Sometimes God places His people in position of power, mainly in government, as a protective mechanism, but I'm not convinced about private entities. Let ALL entities with shady tactics be exposed, regardless.



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