WBCQ's Shortwave Super Station, 500 kW

tpreitzel Wed, 02/06/2019 - 21:17

Here is Allan Weiner's Twitter Feed:



Shortwave, especially digital shortwave or Digital Radio Mondiale, is a viable alternative to the Spynet. Although the technology is still in the development and testing phases (> 10 years), prices of digital receivers are lowering and becoming more plentiful and capable. This technology can help keep censors at bay since it's international in scope and relies ONLY on God's infrastructure, the ionosphere. Frequency-agile digital transmitters can also automatically retune digital receivers to mitigate jamming, etc.


Since, this new transmitter is almost ready to begin transmitting in a few months, I decided to showcase this project to the readers of "A Call To Paul". My only reservation is the fixed installation. To evade censors in the future, such a facility should be mobile with less power. Anyway, it's a monster with incredible capability so it should be useful for some time regardless. Bookmark Allan's Twitter feed and watch one of the most powerful and modern digital transmitters in the world be installed. Free speech, indeed, Allan. Thanks for actually BELIEVING in it!



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