Dangerous & Intentional Entanglement of Communications

tpreitzel Fri, 01/11/2019 - 22:21

Trust No one including a loving relative who can be deceived despite good intentions.

In the modern era, this problem reared its pointy little head with the invention of the telephone and progressed to the adoption of caller ID. Following the implementation of caller ID, we were saddled with the Spynet and its global tracking. Next, our communications became largely wireless and easily intercepted by Stingray devices. Now, corporations with governmental backing are bringing geo-locating devices into consumer markets so radio broadcasts can be located in addition to the pervasive cameras on all those Spyphones. The only solution that I see is the adoption of drone technology, despite the FAA's attempts to control it, as an aerial vehicle to broadcast local radio signals. These radio drones can be rapidly relocated if geo-located.

Think seriously about this tangled web, pun intended. You just bought a new computer. More than likely, the operating system has a store attached to it. Why do you think the developers of these current operating systems opted for attaching a store? Because the buyer can be specifically identified through purchases. Try using Google's Android, Apple's iOS, Amazon's FireOS, or even Microsoft's Mode S operating systems anonymously. LoL If you have a new computer with Microsoft's Mode S operating system where the letter "S' actually means spy instead of stream or store ;), you MUST provide an e-mail address so you can log onto their network to upgrade it to the Home version so you can install non-identifiable applications outside their store. If you haven't dedicated a non-trackable e-mail address for ONLY computer purposes, you'll be identified by the e-mail address. If you proceeded with the aforemented cautions in mind, you then have to activate the upgraded operating systen by allowing computer access to the Spynet or over the phone where caller ID has just identified you to Microsoft. You really should be lamenting the loss of both public telephones and your privacy.

Even the US Postal Service spies on ALL your communcations through the ruse of "Informed Delivery". If you value your privacy, you'll use the same address for both the recipient and return address.

The only way out of this entangled electronic nightmare is through strictly separate and dedicated  e-mail addresses for various tasks, proxies like TOR, limited and restricted access to wide-area networks like the Spynet, no Spyphone, matching return and recipient addresses on physical mail, public telephones with no caller ID, cash only where possible, and becoming intimately familiar with drone technology. Good luck treading through the swamp with its electronic dog collar. Against your better nature, remember to trust no one, you dog!




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