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tpreitzel Tue, 12/04/2018 - 12:43

The recent demise of MIC and other media ventures are a warning sign for digital media. Even Drudge Report won't be immune over time. People are sick and tired of long-winded gasbags like Alex Jones and superficial content, i.e. so-called "entertainment", found on digital waysides like the Drudge Report. People want accurate, concise, interesting news which helps them manage their lives. Managing one's life also includes, unfortunately, managing one's government. Get to the point. Stop the WWF style crap of tabloid news. Printed media will return in some measure because it REQUIRES the AUTHORS, not the readers, viewers, or listeners to EDIT the content and is NOT alterable after printing except through retraction.


For example, I edit the Alex Jones Show down from HOURS to about 30 minutes after removing all the superficial crap, i.e. conjecture, and solicitations. I should NOT have to do so. Alex should edit his own content, but won't because he is primarily about fundraising. Consequently, Alex  thankfully is becoming less relevant to me with each passing day.

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