Hindfeet says "Let The Pursuit Of Liberty Continue!".

JD Sun, 11/25/2018 - 12:38

What do we need to do to ensure liberty for our country? We may have some trouble trusting our election systems and the government employee criminal cartel will make sure justice is not served on government employees.  We got a common cause we need to find a platform that will work to keep America free. 

We see how our elected official almost immediately forget the constitution and go and pass "laws" they have no authority to pass. The courts refuse to hear cases where the people would show that elected officials have no authority, so the judicial system if failing.

Congress has allowed unelected people to make laws which they use a twist  and call them regulations. Where again the courts won't hear the cases. Where the judiciary system is made up of  members of a possible domestic terrorism group know as The American BAR association, where they train BAR member to manipulate the laws to their advantage instead of application of the law as written.

Any discussion?

list an idea in a new link about government  issues that need to changed and give some, if any, on how to change  it.

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