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tpreitzel Wed, 11/07/2018 - 15:19

I want to summarize and finalize my view on the way back to our constitutional roots. Yes, I'll use some nonsense from Infowars in the process. ;) This information will likely disturb many people, especially so-called Republican "conservatives" due to their lifelong indoctrination. Democrats fare no better constitutionally than many Republican "conservatives" as most Democrats are card-carrying socialists or outright Marxists (universal collectivists) if given a chance. Most of us on a Call to Paul are card-carrying constitutionalists or desire to be. :)

"Fascism should more appropriately be called corporatism, because it is a merger of state and corporate power" - B. Mussolini

Unfortunately, the USA currently has primarily a bizarre mixture of socialist (redistribution of wealth through taxation) and fascist (regulation) forms of government. Taxation for the redistribution of wealth (socialism) won't be addressed here, but both socialism and fascism are totally inappropriate for our constitutional form of government. Taxation for ownership is another matter and continues only as long as the owner has a voice and is finite. When any collectively owned assets are eventually divested, distribution from those sold assets are paid to the owners or their estates. The founders of the USA clearly intended the model proposed here as envisioned by the publicly held US Postal Service, not its current fascist incarnation. Personally, I haven't heard one person on Infowars in recent memory that isn't a card-carrying fascist. Although, those individuals would never, ever admit to being one, their actions clearly demonstrate otherwise.

Only one way out of this fascist nightmare exists. The escape clause from fascism is the minimal and finite use of collectivism (public ownership) at the lowest level of government in order to restrain the predatory nature of special interests. Collectivism elicits negative connotations because of the tendency of governments to apply it universally, not as a temporary restraint against some predatory special interest. In this model, special interests are totally unfettered in order to maximize the production of jobs, profits, and investment. In order to restrain these unfettered special interests, collectivsm must be employed as aforementioned to counter any abuse of universally held interests protected by state constitutions. The only other option available to a people for restaining those special interests is for governmental fettering (regulation) of those special interests, or fascism by definition.

Summarizing by example, my proposal is similar to the US Cavalry circling the wagons in a defensive posture and pooling their resources (weapons, manpower) to fight the invading American Indians. When the threat is gone, the members of the US Cavalry retrieve their weapons and dispatch the wagons. Naturally, the opposite scenario would have the American Indians banding together with their bows and arrows to fight the invading US Cavalry.


In the Book of Revelation, what economic system is protrayed by the "mark of the beast"? Is that economic model based on fascism or collectivism? ;)




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