Agenda 2030 READING ALERT global government tyranny

Isabella sj Mon, 02/29/2016 - 07:58

EPA nay, nay from Supreme Court and Scalia's death. Hm, I smell skunk. Epa's goals deadline is 2030 right?

Have you heard of UN Agenda 2030?

Instructions: Wear most comfy clothing, settle in most comfy chair or sofa, have a preferred glass of liquid, must have towel, hankie or Kleenex (even toilet paper will do), a safety kit for severe reaction, a cell phone near by, access to internet (express your opinion or send signals to the universe), prepare thought weapons (ideas and innovations), paper, pen, envelope and stamp (send love letter to politicos) and finally prepare to be awakened. Reaction: Liberty R3volution. That's all.

Karamba! These people are pure and simply LOCOs (crazy)

Comment: While I do agree with almost all translation by Natural News. I do disagree where "feminisation" (gay, lgbt etc) as a tool to erase male influence on defending, protecting and uprising for Liberty.

Women can be warriors too. Not because a human wears the body of a female doesn't mean that she too may defend and stand up for Liberty. I adore Lady Godiva for that reason.

Natural News interpretation here:

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