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UPDATED : 2/16/16 So today we found a filter problem located in sorted view that involved the rating module. Still looking to see if this was the root of the issue or if I need to adjust anything else. We're getting there! Sorry it's taking me so know day job and all that.

UPDATE: ok I think I've narrowed it down. but I'm tired at 8:42 pm and I'm calling it a night. Site is back up for now. If you have any more errors please post under the site maintenance post. Thanks!

EARLIER: OK So all of you know of the issues  we have been having with the site.  It's not a memory problem per say but some glitch in the code that it taxing the memory and the load times of the pages.  This is causing errors which in turn causes pages to load improperly and double posting.  Today at 2:00 pm central time,  I'm going to take the site down  in order to Update Drupal and a few modules and then also try to see if I can find this elusive issue.  If I can not find it, I will have a friend look at it who's brilliant website coder and can surely find the problem and fix it.  He's out of town though and won't be back till tomorrow. 

Anyway, I wanted to give people the heads up on what's happening and when.  I will post this on twitter at and on facebook at   I'll also update these places every so often so people know when we'll be back up and running.  Hopefully this will only take a couple of hours.

Thanks for being so patient and understanding. 

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"Content Encoding Error" as of 12 noon EST.


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but it still took me 6 clicks to up vote this post.


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I admire your patience, dedication, voluntary contribution to all and your brain power. You speak alien to me but that's alright love is in the air. That's all that counts. Smile and rejoice when you subdue the error virus. We hereby declare you Queen of ACTP.

Fatal error: Unsupported operand types in /home/hueckstaedt/ on line 727

Also error 500

I went to Popular Liberty looking for silver education and I got GOLD. Thank YOU Question more.

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Seems to be working better.... two thumbs up!

I'm giving Trump a chance to prove he isn't a War Hawk neocon.

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