U.S.E. - we're coming!

Hambach_Festival Tue, 02/09/2016 - 07:17

Let's build the United States of Europe! /sarcasm

Just these days a casual short notice in the news made me raise an eyebrow.
The president of the Deutsche Bundesbank, Mr. Jens Weidmann, (again) proposed a european finance ministry.

The idea is, to give Brussels even more centralized power and not only to install a european finance ministry but also to introduce european taxes.

I expect UKIP and Nigel Farage to embrace this proposal. :)

The idea for a centralized EU finance ministry with substantial power is not new. It was heavily discussed - and heavily rejected - in 2011.

It came back in August 2015 but somehow faded away again.

There's no doubt, TPTB are working behind the curtain on this project and can't wait for the next crisis, to finally get their way while doing their best to sweep the issue under the rug past britain's EU referendum.

You have to dig deep in the internet to find a source.

Source Feb 8th, 2016


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I apologize for not supplying a source in english. As explained, the latest attempt to advertise a central european finance ministry was spread in a very subtle way and on a national level this time. So not much to find (as of yet) in english.

Here's a translation of the above mentioned news article. I understand full citations of articles are not recommended, so I restrain to the core essentials.

"Bundesbank President Jens Weidmann and his French counterpart Villeroy de Galhau see the euro zone at a crossroads. Either there must be a strong integration or a decentralized approach with sharp rules.


The obvious way to restore confidence, is greater integration. This would require the euro countries to give up sovereignty to a considerable extent. Such a framework comprising the creation of a common Treasury for the euro area in connection with an independent financial counsel."


Here are more sources of the attempts to establish a common european finance ministry.
Although nothing came out of the proposal in 2011, the mere proposal prepared the ground for further pushing.
A major proponent of a centralized european finance ministry is german finance minister Schäuble.
Berlin obviously hopes to gain a better grip on the other euro member states by further taking away national souvereignty.
This can be expected to backfire some day, seeing the european central bank getting "out of control" with now de facto financing state budgets. Nothing ever envisioned when founding the ECB.
Much like the Fed. Big surprise - not!


Again, the proposal was widely rejected, but no big surprise it reappeared in August 2015 as you can read here;
now ECB president Draghi pushing for it:



So the latest mind game by the current Bundesbank president is not an isolated mishap; it has a history.


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So if that's the story with Europe then when is Canada, Mexico and the entire South and Central Americas become the United States of America? Is this then the reason why KINGO has been ordered to delete the imaginary borders?

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