Kicking this forum into high gear.

johnbernard1984 Thu, 01/28/2016 - 12:23

Some ideas to kick this forum into high gear. 

Does this forum have a facebook page? if not i recommend starting one and utilizing social media.  

I also recommend utilizing other social media platforms. 

I recommend that forum users share things they like here to their social media platforms.

I would also recommend that the forum users share the social media pages of a call to Paul (once established) with their liberty loving friends on their social media platforms.

Just some ideas that could potentially with your help make a call to Paul the top liberty forum on the web.

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This is my new home.  Keep up the good work.

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had the time to fully implement them or utilize them.  I was just thinking yesterday how impatient I am about wanting to get everything running perfectly now.  RIGHT NOW!  LOL

I'm trying to be ok with things progressing steadily.  There are areas of this website that still need design so I can open it up for posts.  I want desperately to start writing original articles.  There are references, books, videos and information out there that I want accessible and arranged and organized for people  and that is going to take quite a bit time to build.  

Social Media has been set up but so far I've only just barely used Twitter:

and I am also considering a YouTube account as there are few faq and informational videos I'd like to produce

Sigh....just doesn't seem to be enough time in the day

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You've done an amazing job in such a small amount of time. Just the time it took you to get it up and running was a Godsend. Thank you.


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Check out Tom Woods' resources page here and particularly Sociocaster. It's an interface that allows you to control many Social Media platforms at once, without having to maintain them independently. Big time-saver. As an added bonus, if you like Tom Woods, using his link to go through and purchase it will send some of the money his way :)


Just though that you might be interested once you set up your social media accounts.

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just followed you.

I've been tweeting stuff from here for a bit now

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i found this page on FB, is it the official page?

Broadcasting live from globalist occupied mother Canadastan

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My wife and I do not face book...Never have  and never will.

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It is for the people out there.

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