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Polly Graff Mon, 12/21/2015 - 09:33

sooo...as a newbie to this site (as we all are) and also, PopLib... this is the very 1st post on a topic that I initiate.

 My thought...wouldn't it be great if there were real standards to hold candidates to?

 While I know polygraphs are subject to interpretation, so is pretty much every word that comes out of every persons mouth.

They're not 100% accurate, but certainly would act as a deterrent to the cult of off the cuff, wild spin and outright lying.

My proposal is that all candidates running for high office(s) would be required to be attached to one for all public debates and interviews. Ooops, a fib!  Lights start flashing...the candidate gets 30 seconds to rephrase his/her statement. 3 times within 1 debate, the candidate is asked to leave until statements are checked for accuracy by a truly independent panel. If verified, the candidate is allowed into the next debate. 5 times within a 30 day period voids the candidates eligibility. to run.

 The media would go wild on the opportunity to corner them... never suspecting that once they use it and support its use... every Chris Mathews,Matt lauer, Bill O'Rielly, Rachel Maddow, Anderson Cooper,John King, Dana Bash, Sean Hannity etc. will be required to be attached to one and create a new sense of the nuisance that news has become.

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There was a gentleman named Jack Pelham at the DP who had a very good project in the works. He started a campaign to make candidates sign a pledge and contract to uphold the rule of law. If they broke this contract they were required to and agreed to give up this office. It really was a fantastic idea and believe it or not, he had candidates starting to sign up like crazy making the races one of those "I will sign this with integrity if you do" kind of challenges to their opponents and we would be the winners in the overall game. All he needed was more drive and support for the project from the Liberty Movement. Why, I have no idea, but folks were reluctant to join the project and help spread it around. I really think that if more had gotten involved it would have had a huge positive impact on the current upcoming elections. 

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