ATruepatriot Mon, 12/21/2015 - 10:43

As a Musician and Photographer I have a tendency to see a lot of images in a perspective of symbolism. Take the banner our host installed here for example, I see a "Liberty Tree rising out of the Mist", and the Tree is the only thing in focus. This is fantastic and very fitting if a symbolic perspective is applied to it. :)

Anyone else see symbolism in images like this?

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Great, perspective. But I have never thought of such a way.

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I like the liberty tree in the midst of a desert of statism.


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I wrote the following in the suggestion box:

On another note; Congratulations, the site looks GREAT. The ONE thing I tried to do was change my preference. There's a link/tab on the right that says "edit skin" under "Active Forum Topics", - which gives me a "Access Denied" message - which I'm assuming changes the background color. To me, it looks a little too grey and drab if you will. It's a gloomy color that I also believe is detrimental to the Ron Paul forums (amongst other things). Both the DP & PL colors were lighter and easier on the eyes.

If I can, I would like to brighten it up. Instead of having a gloomy winterly and weathered looking tree (IMO as in "no hope" & "death"), I'd like the option to make it more "hopeful" if you will or at the very least, more relaxing. Do I have that option? As it presently stands, I couldn't help it reminding me of the intro to Tales from the Darkside.

- Never thought about it that way, or the way Anne described it below. LOL


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Yes that's it exactly.  I wanted it to be back lit and the brightest spot on the banner ....the place where hope resides is in the liberty tree.

My sister says it's too bleak but that's how I see our environment right now.  We are suffering under a a winter freeze  concerning freedom in this country.  But I have big hope that we will be pulling out of it

The tree symbolizes community discussion and the promotion of liberty ideas, the winter symbolizes the barren understanding of those liberty issues among the population. And, the white glow behind the tree is the growing hope that lies there.

As you can see...I'm with you on the symbolism of images.

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LOL Ansel Adams was one of the greatest photographers and his stuff was b&w.

I see it as that perfect time of the morning, just before everything gets going. That time in the morning when you can still hear yourself think, still have time to hear yourself think. Still have time to just be with yourself, happy you're alive to live another day.

What an adventure! A whole day to learn something new!

I studied with the Huichol Indians in Mexico and they said that in their morning prayers - they asked that they learn something new that day... and that in the evening they'd go over their day and think about that new thing that they learned. They said the day was wasted if you didn't learn something new.

That's a good prayer to keep in mind... let me learn something new today.

Oh and thanks, Anne, for giving us a new home.

Laugh. It makes you feel good.

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Maybe sometime in the future the sun might come out and shine on the Tree allowing the leaves to green and the Fruit to appear as true Liberty progresses. :)

I recognized the depth of it right away. :)

"Jack of all Trades...Master of None" But forever learning more!