Promotions Policies

Promotions Policies

Commercial Business and Self Promotions Classifications:

The site classifies all businesses and promotions in one of the following categories:

• Class 1: Grassroots project / website / fundraiser from vetted individuals that are declared to never make a profit from.
• Class 2: Pro-liberty candidate running for public office.
• Class 3: Grassroots project / non-commerce website from unvetted individuals or where any profit motive is unpublished.
• Class 4: Political for-profit businesses or otherwise has product sales.
• Class 5: Non-political for-profit businesses.
• Class 6: Campaign fund-raising businesses.
• Class 7: Highly suspect fraudulent ventures and scams. Spam. Efforts intended to permanently divert the community to other sites. Fundraisers from unvetted individuals.

Promotions considered as "Class 7" are not allowed under any circumstances.  All others are at the discretion of the owners of A Call for Paul.

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