Michael Moore "Guns don't kill people — Americans kill people."

JD Tue, 12/22/2015 - 12:34

Unfortunately, even if we had stronger gun laws, we would still have a few thousand gun deaths in this country. That's because we have a problem no law can solve. Canada has strict gun laws, but they also have an estimated five million hunting rifles and shotguns in their homes — and they don't go and shoot each other on a daily basis like we do. In 2013, they had a total of 131 gun murders in a nation of 35 million people. We have nine times their population, but fifty-fives times their gun killings. How can this be?

Which brings us to Hollywood. I don't think I'm making any big revelation here when I point out that the Canadian kids (and adults) are watching the same exact violent movies, playing the same exact violent video games and watching the same exact violent TV shows as their neighbors, the Americans. So why don't their students — other than on the rare, rare occasion — continually walk into their high schools and colleges and start firing away? It's not that the Canadians don't get angry — have you even been to a hockey game? You cannot say that violent Hollywood movies somehow magically affect only American youth, but no one else. The Japanese cannot get enough of blood and gore in movies, ours and their own. Total number of gun murders in Japan in 2012: three.

So what is it about us? It's clear that the NRA is actually half-right in their slogan, "Guns don't kill people, people kill people." We just need to modify that to: "Guns don't kill people — Americans kill people."


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We have starkly different cultures in different places.  In white rural or suburban America, the gun murder rate is about the same as it is in Canada or Europe.  In urban America, which has a high proportion of people of non-European ancestry, the murder rate is astonomical.  Why?  Well, it ain't skin color, because there are sub populations that share skin colors but not cultures, and their rate of violence is totally different. 

Just as many of us inherit our religion without question from our family and friends, so too we adopt attitudes and perspectives.  Those mind-sets affect the way we live our lives, how we work, how we play, how we interact with others.  If the majority of the violent crime is eminating from a certain culture, then it would be good to grasp what is happening in that culture that leads to violence. 

Blaming the gun, or American culture in general, is not very enlightening.


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I think the economy plays a HUGE part in this.

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