John McCain Tries and Fails to Stop Rand from Speaking About Patriot Act

Anne Thu, 12/17/2015 - 08:16

John McCain painfully tries to stop Rand Paul from speaking the last five minutes of the debate about the patriot act. McCain kept trying to belittle and dismiss Paul by say that "the Senator from Kentucky doesn't know the rules of the Senate". Well Johny boy, Rand just spanked you with those rules and won. He obviously did know the parliamentary rules and called you on it. McCain is a blustering war monger who has never known the meaning of freedom or how peace is obtained. It's past time for McCain to retire. And, Dan Coats shamed the State of Indiana and all conservative Republicans in the US Senate yesterday. Dan Coats defends Obama's current surveillance state policies. Both their behavior was disgusting.

It was very satisfying to see Rand win this battle

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has violated the constitution many times over, one punishment for all those violation...



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I was there too (Yavapai). What a farce!!

I moved to another County, registered as "R" but not even trying to be a PC.

All I can say is "go Kelli Ward!!"

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I'll vote against him, and all you need to do is add enough votes to mine.

Seriously, though, I am a piss poor PC for the GOP in AZ, because If I vote as a PC according to the philosophies of the GOP people in my precinct, we will still have a corrupt and rotten GOP in AZ. I can't do that, and cannot drag myself to the precinct meetings any more. I really ought to resign. I saw what the Party did to discount the PCs' winning votes for Ron Paul. Expect the upcoming Republican National Convention to be a complete farce. The GOP has already destroyed itself, and just haven't realized it yet.

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