I'm supporting Rand Paul with a new kind of moneybomb, will you join me?

trevorlyman Mon, 12/21/2015 - 10:15

(I originally posted this at PL.  I'm reposting here in case anyone missed it.)


After the other night's debate, I've decided to get back into this thing and support Rand Paul.

I love what he said about questioning regime change. I think Americans need to hear this message over and over again.

While I disagree with him on some points, now that I've seen a bit more of this Presidential campaign, I mostly like what he has done and said throughout it.

I think he would shut down some of our nations worst, most unconstitutional departments and programs.

And I think we've seen repeatedly that when he speaks loudest he is speaking in defense of liberty.

So, to support Rand Paul's campaign, I'm asking if you'll join me in holding a moneybomb for him, but with a twist, one that I hope will ensure its success.

Moneybombs are good fundraising devices, but they operate "out of balance" (they don't feed the hand that feeds them) and so they still need to be improved.

Here is the idea...

Let's hold a moneybomb for Rand Paul and let's also donate (a much smaller amount) to the websites that send traffic to the moneybomb.

If we support the websites that send traffic to our moneybomb, we can expect more sites to support our moneybombl

If we support (donate to) those who support Rand Paul now, our donations to them will attract larger and larger websites to join in.

This means we'll get a lot more traffic and exposure and so we'll raise a lot more money for Rand Paul.

Think of sites like DrudgeReport and ZeroHedge.

Wouldn't it be nice to have 10 to 20 sites of that size sending traffic our way?

Well, they all survive off of advertising revenue. We can't expect them to constantly give up valuable ad space for free to Rand Paul. And they don't!

Look around us and see what has happened to the energy in libertarian circles. It's decreasing when it should be on the rise!

The reality is our "movement" is constantly asking those who work hard to maintain and grow their online audience, to then give away that audience for free, and for years and years!

The strategy isn't working very well.

Take a look at ActBlue.com. It's a Democratic fundraising site.

They pay blogs that raise funds for Democratic candidates a share of what they help to raise.

That's why they raise big money (almost $900 Million total to date!) for their politicians. They harness the energy of the blogosphere by motivating them with a fair and just reward.


We can be smart, too.

That's why I suggest we give a total of 10% of what we raise to the blogosphere that supports our events.

I've set up a moneybomb page at http://RevolutionMoneybomb.com

If you scroll to the bottom you'll see a mockup/example of what I'm talking about.

It's scratch text, but it shows you the details and info that will be there as soon as data starts coming in.

Also, there is a link you can use to pledge and NOT receive any email updates, if that's what you prefer.

The site is live so if you support Rand Paul and you want to help make this moneybomb succeed, go ahead and pledge!

Again the site is at http://RevolutionMoneyBomb.com

If you want to do a bit more to help this moneybomb grow, the first thing we need help with is getting the word out to the liberty blogosphere. If you know someone with a website, please tell them about this event and how it works and let them know the grassroots will reward/thank them for their help.

If you do this and if the blogosphere joins in, we'll have all the traffic and exposure we'll need to create the largest moneybomb we've seen so far this election cycle.

Oh! And January 10th is the day Thomas Paine published his pamphlet "Common Sense".

That will make sense when you visit the site. :)

If you run a website or blog and you are sending traffic to this moneybomb, please get in touch with me at lyman.trevor @ gmail.com so we can set up your donation link.

Thanks for checking this out and thanks for any feedback you might have to offer.

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Love this

A man who chops his own wood is warmed by it twice

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its coming soon


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Thanks ATruepatriot!  I hope it will work for Rand, but even if it doesn't I think this approach will be a great thing for other fundraisers going forward.

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I think you have a great concept here man!

"Jack of all Trades...Master of None" But forever learning more!

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on twitter. https://twitter.com/katmancon

He's working on Rand's ground game here in SC

A man who chops his own wood is warmed by it twice