Fighting Paul with Tweets!

The Pen Wed, 12/23/2015 - 18:14

So all I have to say about the following comment made by Dan O'Keefe (writer who coined 'Festivus') is join the Rand-bashing festivities. What is another hammer on the roof?

""I've been tweeting back at him," Dan O'Keefe told HuffPost Live on Wednesday. "I hate the guy. I think he's some sort of lizard that somehow crawled into a suit and somehow's been allowed into the senate."

"I strongly dislike when elected officials, with whom I strongly disagree, try to co-opt a family holiday of mine for ... immoral purposes that hurt our nation," he said.

What? Immoral purposes? Oh, I understand the plethora of immorality demonstrated by our current representatives and past. But of course, Rand is the one using immorality to state truth.

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