Edward Snowden slams Clinton’s hawkish foreign policy in third debate

JD Sun, 12/20/2015 - 19:02

“Aaaaaaaaand Hillary just terrified everyone with an internet connection,” whistleblower Edward Snowden tweeted Saturday night, during the third Democratic presidential debate.


Aaaaaaaaand Hillary just terrified everyone with an internet connection. #DemDebate

— Edward Snowden (@Snowden) December 20, 2015


Snowden, who worked for a private contractor with the National Security Agency (NSA), leaked documents in 2013 showing how the U.S. government was spying not just on all of its citizens’ private phone calls and messages, but also even on the private phone calls of allied heads of state in Germany, France, and more. Journalist Glenn Greenwald, the Washington Post, and leading British newspaper the Guardian were awarded the prestigious Pulitzer Prize, journalism’s highest honor, for their work with Snowden.

Snowden was referring to Clinton’s hawkish foreign policy positions, which she defended in the New Hampshire debate.



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