Does Rand Paul draw similar crowds, as Ron Paul did?

harley9883 Sat, 01/02/2016 - 14:09
Yes, in fact his crowds are larger.
7% (2 votes)
Yes, but it's hard to tell how many, campaign doesn't publish crowd pics of campaign stops.
32% (9 votes)
No, but they are very close.
21% (6 votes)
No, on average turnouts to his campaign stops, are very weak.
25% (7 votes)
No, is the moon and the earth the same size?
11% (3 votes)
NO! To try to compare the two, is an insult to Liberty movement in 2012.
4% (1 vote)
Total votes: 28

Does Rand Paul draw similar crowds, as Ron Paul did?

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This point can't be labored enough.  Populist movements fail because they don't appreciate the value of ground game.  They take crowd size as an indicator of voter turnout, especially in Iowa.  How many Santorum rallies had 200+ crowds - the answer, virtually none.  I have a classic pick of Santorum support in the largest Republican stronghold in Kansas and it appears as if minus staff maybe 5 people attended days before the election though he had a reported 300 sometime after.  Conversely Ron Paul held a rally where 3,600 came out with overflow, people were turned away at the door.

Days later there was a vote Rick won the primary outright with 51% while Paul came in 4th with a pathetic 3,767 votes of support.  That pretty much equaled everyone who attended the rally.  Crowds not make one great.

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