Armed drones in USA

Isabella sj Wed, 01/06/2016 - 18:26

Here we go. The dangers of allowing drones. And Rand Paul questioned armed drones in USA soil. Straight from Campaign for Liberty Report. Judge, Jury, and Executioner.

Anyone remember a report about a year or so ago about a house that blew up about 7 am and no one could figure out why? A gas leak was reported. No one believed it. The couple were not terrorists. Soon after there was a hearing and Rand Paul asked "Are there any armed drones in our skies?" The answer was no. Just like the a mother with a child in her car murdered for going the wrong way and getting scared and then murdered by the WH police. No one has heard a thing about either episodes. Terrific journalism never happened. So, here we have it. Technology is becoming our enemy number 2 after the gov. $ officials enemy number 1.

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and that they KNOW better around these parts. :)

I am surrounded by the best, good natured rednecks you could ever meet. and they are all armed to the teeth.  this bothers me not.  it is NOT hard for me to imagine how they would welcome one of these. :)