This 1 Statistic Exposes the Awful Truth About the United States' Ongoing Police Problem

JD Tue, 12/22/2015 - 08:50

Between Jan. 1 and Dec. 15, 2015, police officers in the United States shot, beat, used stun guns on or otherwise killed an astonishing 1,152 people, according to a recently released reportfrom law enforcement watchdog Mapping Police Violence.

The whole analysis is troubling: Officers with 59 of the nation's 60 largest police departments killed at least one individual or let someone die in custody at rates far above those in other developed countries.

But there's one statistic that stands out.

According to the report, 14 U.S. police departments "killed black people exclusively in 2015" — as in "100% of the people they killed were black." By comparison, Mapping Police Violence found just five U.S. police departments killed only white people.

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The issue is not racial demographics. The only issue here is that police have rights that you and I don't have. That makes them our masters. Last time I checked, we cheered when slaves rose up and did away with their slave masters, so why does that logic not still pertain today ? Reasons vary in degrees, indoctrination, controlled by fear, cowardice, stockholm syndrome, etc... The only real threat that the individuals in this country face is the government, police and military. Remember, when they murder it's legal, when we murder them in self defense it is illegal. A cop seems to think that he has the right to assualt, kidnap, steal and murder with immunity. For the most part a cop does. You know why this is....? Because we ALL allow it. Simple as that. For all the those that say that we need them, BS. Cops have no obligation, AT ALL, to help anyone but themselves. And that they do ! They don't prevent crime, they show up after the fact and then they usually don't "solve" anything, and even try and extort the "victims." Lastly, crime is here with police and crime will be here with no police. I would rather be able to defend myself against ALL criminals than allow a master race of criminals to commit crimes with immunity. Remember, it is illegal to defend yourself against a cop, even if the cop is acting illegally. Fuck that shit.


I would like to also point out that crime is not what the government masters say it is. Crime is only when you harm someone physically or their property. There might be room for threats, but only direct threats though. Jaywalking, not paying the extortion racket, special stickers for your transportation, these are not crimes. Riding down the street on a bicycle with headphones on seems to warrant this.......

(WARNING GRAPHIC POLICE VIOLENCE) Los Angeles County Sheriff's Deputies Murder Suspect

The only proper thing to do in this event if you were a friend watching, would be to defend your friend by killing the criminals in this video. But we don't do that though, we stand around and say to master, gee golly, stop that please.






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And of course it was probably mostly done "Just in case, just to be safe, don't take any chances". The racism stats are incredible.

Thanks JD

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