WW3 - The Cause is Pride

tpreitzel Sun, 04/15/2018 - 13:09

A stubborn and ignorant chief executive with unrestrained authority will be the catalyst for WW3. By ignorant, I mean uninformed. Although the consequences can be deadly, President Trump's pride isn't the main problem. VP Pence is the snake-in-chief. Pence has been recommending all kinds of neo-cons to Trump's administration and President Trump has been allowing Pence to do it unfortunately. President Trump has just recently learned of the snake's recommendation of  Jon Lerner, a staunch Trump hater, as Pence's national security advisor. Pray that President Trump's eyes will be opened to the traitors in his adminstration, especially VP Pence. With that said,  I've seen the stubborn nature of President Trump in the pages of the Holy Bible and the result is never good. Stubbornness is one manifestion of PRIDE. Keep pressing Russia, Mr. President, and you'll get bit eventually. President Putin of Russia just warned the UN about the ensuing global chaos if the USA continues attacking Syria without cause. Maybe, this foolhardy approach by President Trump will finally drain the swamp for US. If chaos does erupt, there will be a very short window, a few days at most, for an armed population to resist an impending takeover of the US by global forces. Preparation later will be too late. The rats think they'll be able to run and hide under the guise of continuity of government, though. We'll see when judgment ultimately reins. The world asks again. Show us independently verifiable proof that Syria's Assad has committed these alleged gas attacks. Failure to provide proof is ground for dismissal of the allegations. President Trump, you're on a collision course of biblical proportions.

As an American, I'd prepare for the inevitable. I have. Some months ago, I asked about the apocalytic views of President Trump. My question rings louder with each passing day. Are you prepared to exit this world prematurely, both spiritually and physically? The choice and consequence are for you to decide. If you haven't read the Missing 411 series of book by David Paulides, I'd suggest ordering them immediately. Paranormal events are occurring and I'm confident in stating that Jesus Christ's salvation is the only true protection from such otherworldly events. Claiming God isn't enough, though. You must know Him by Grace. In other words, God claims you. Read David's books along with the Holy Bible. Start seeking Jesus Christ today.

If these currently insane times mellow without calamity, breathe a huge sigh of relief. Just remember this highly probable fact, calamity will come regardless, eventually. Prepare now and rest assured.

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Is it possible the escalation of war wil be the catalyst to finally end the reign of the petro dollar and usher in the new financial system and reserve currency? Is it all planned? The elite don't want to destroy themselves or "all" the slaves that fuel their fiat currencys. Just leave 500M or so...

I am completely awake, the veil of deception has been removed, I see with clarity and purpose - me

The ultimate ignorance is the rejection of something you know nothing about yet refuse to investigate. - Dr. Wayne Dyer