Will Ron go to Iowa to stump for Rand?

Ryan_76 Sun, 01/10/2016 - 09:16
Yes, the campaign wants to secure the base that supported Ron
81% (21 votes)
No, the campaign thinks Ron is a liability
19% (5 votes)
Total votes: 26
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I can only vote yes or no, not yes or no and.....


Patriots Unite!

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Kinda like the unscientific polling methods the media uses to lead people to believe your name sake has been leading all this time.  Like how the polls don't even include Rand as an option.  BTW its pretty ridiculous to say Ron doesn't support his son. 

AKA Sunshine_State at Popular Liberty

If you can't trust people with freedom, how can you trust people with power?

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Incorrect. Those polls are reputable and consistent, and really can't be rigged. Anyone with a few bucks and time can conduct a 400 person survey. Every campaign does or can do. Faking polls would be a waste of time, as would be an election fraud that caused a major departure from exit polls. There's a difference between reasonable theories and just irrational beliefs.


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artificially constricts the choices.

Yes / No is a binary, full spectrum. Adding qualifications creates a false dilemma where there are other options. I wanted to vote no because Ron doesn't support Rand, but the pollster elected to keep me from that option by giving his own reason for any possible No. Bad polling!

Ron will vote Trump in privacy!


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Ron most definitely supports his son, and there is probably a 99/100% chance he will be voting for him! As for voting for the Donald, probably a big fat 0% chance of that happening, maybe 1% if you include parallel dimensions. /END OF REPLY TO THE TRUMP


As for the poll, I didn't like it, but only because it had loaded answers. I don't think Ron will stump for Rand, although I would perhaps like to see it happen, but I think Rand is running his own campaign, and rightly so, also the media would more than likely continuously talk to Rand about "His crazy/racist dad Ron". Then again, I think all of that could be overcome, and could show the BS of the media to a new audience . . . where is Doug Weed by the way? I thought he joined the campaign some time ago.


Smearing bastards, the MSM!