US Government in Full Scale Implosion Because of Corruption – Catherine Austin Fitts

Gardener Wed, 12/21/2022 - 02:42

CAF says a big trend in 2023 that is already underway is people realizing the CV19 injections were not meant to save you but harm and kill you. CAF say the CV19 injections were a bioweapon meant for depopulation, and everybody in America will know this in 2023. CAF says, “The mainstream media has done a good job painting a different picture, but at some point, you cannot defy reality, and that is coming out. We have already seen it translate into market action. We see life insurance companies trading down 30% and the funeral home business trading up 20%. That is a 50% divergence.”

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You can tell Greg is still holding on to some hopium and changes the subject. I was going to post it, but knew someone would already have posted. Catherine still won't name the cabal "Mr Global" for who they really are.

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