Food for thought about Jan 6

D4L Sun, 09/11/2022 - 00:11

A question that has been nagging me lately and I remember because Pawnstorm was initially excited when the glass was broken in the main chamber at the Capitol, is how ironic it was that that happened the moment AZ got up to announce their vote. Is that timing or is that TIMING???

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...planned to happen BEFORE Arizona could be contested.

Because had Arizona fallen and those electoral votes been taken away from Biden it would have caused a cascade of other states following suit.

They could not allow that so the Capitol police stood down and allowed everyone inside.

If there ever was a time when the Capitol police would have pulled their weapons to protect that building THAT WAS IT since the entire congress of the United States was in there.

They were ordered to stand down as sure as the Secret Service was ordered to stand down while JFK was murdered.

The Intelligence Agencies were all complicit in the planning and execution of that breakdown.

But they were ordered by much more powerful forces who actually run this country.

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed and over-regulated and overrun by bureaucrats - the founders would be ashamed." -Ron Paul

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Been pretty much ignoring Jan 6 so idk what brought that to mind. Also JFK's driver was the one to shoot him