RESEARCH: Dandelion leaf extract blocks spike proteins from binding to the ACE2 cell surface receptor

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Sssssssshhhhhhhhhhh. I want the loons who submit to such tyranny to suffer the consequences. Loons like Cramer and many members of the current Austrian, Greek, Italian, Australian, etc. governments. Take another round of the toxic juice, loons. The world needs you loons gooooooone ... for good. Try this remedy and see if it can counteract all the negative effects of exposure to these toxic vaccines. The good Lord Jesus only knows the level of spiritual sickness and depravity behind those pushing and submitting to this tyranny. I fully realize many people are between and rock and a hard place, but the time to resist and fight was a long time ago. Now, you must decide to fight as there is no alternative. It's almost amusing how apathy works, right? Fight you must. Few people, including myself, want conflict, but consider the following. Personally, I think conflict is inevitable, unfortunately, which is a direct result of apathy and compromise. 

The core problem is universal submission as a result of apathy. I'll use Alex Jones as an example. Alex constantly warns about the "globalists" wanting to start a Civil War. I have a question for Alex Jones. Do you honestly beieve a Civil War can be avoided at this point? If not, then why wait until even Americans are disarmed with little chance of success? A Civil War would certainly throw a monkey wrench in the affairs of men including a source of Alex's revenue. I'll say it again. If you believe conflict is inevitable, the longer one waits to initiate it, the less likely for a favorable outcome. Just ask the disarmed Australians. 

Apparently, the world is now at a point when freedom-loving people must fight or lose everything, even their lives. The probability for avoiding conflict is fairly low already and dropping fast.