Digital Shortwave (DRM) is the Answer to Orwellian Inclinations

tpreitzel Mon, 01/18/2021 - 18:04

I've stated it before numerous times, but it bears repeating. The DRM standard ( is excellent and allows for such flexibility that it renders all the fearmongering of censorship mute from all political sides. Yes, the lack of readily available DRM radios continue to be a problem, but this situation continues to improve albeit at a snail's pace.

Although we Americans certainly should fight for the First Amendment, we do have options even in a totalitarian state. IP-based technologies are cheap, but rather easily controlled as many Americans are finally discovering. Radio-based technologies like DRM are very difficult to control which is why Communist China and Cuba use them. Jamming a radio signal isn't easy or cheap. Imagine a 10 kW digital DRM transmitter mounted on a moderately-sized boat in international waters off the southern coast of the USA broadcasting digitally to North America. The only way to stop the transmission is by jamming or physically silencing the transmitter which leads to further problems for the attacker. Even with robust configurations (16 QAM) and limited power (< 40 kW digital), a DRM signal could be reliably received basically anywhere in USA. Such a digital DRM broadcast could be received with very clear audio using the xHE-AAC codec while simultaneously receiving graphics and webpages or potentially low-frame rate video with the latter requiring more bandwith from a dual radio channel of 20 kHz instead of the default 10 kHz. The potential of DRM in such totalitarian environments of widespread censorship cannot be overstated. 

Shortwave has international reach so broadcasts can occur outside of a country's regulatory body if necessary. Digital shortwave brings traditional analog shortwave into the 21st century. After more than 5 years of watching the DRM standard mature, I continue to be impressed at its potential. Money and energy continue being wasted on marginal technologies like IP-based technologies such as the SpyNet. Censorship isn't bad in itself. Censorship is necessary. Censorship is only bad when it adversely silences you. True, these larger IP-based companies are clearly engaged in racketeering and need to be dissolved into smaller entities. The major problem isn't alternatives, it's the people who refuse to even look at alternatives because they're invested in one over another. Why were people so slow to adopt Parler over Twitter? The inflexibility of many people or even governments will eventually lead to their demise. Again, I highly recommend that readers become informed of the DRM standard and practical use. Visit for a forum discussing the technical aspects of DRM, but you should refrain from engaging in political discussion on that forum as it's a place for people of all political stripes to learn about DRM's potential applications. 


In closing, I'm tired of Ruddy's neo-conserative hosts on Newsmax. The only decent program on Newsmax was Bannon's "Warroom", but even it's now gone. OAN is somewhat better than Newsmax, but even it has its problems. You really can't trust either of these two alternatives on cable TV. You still can find some alternatives on the SpyNet, but for how long? I hate to say it, but we're living in a fascist state and Trump did little to drain the swamp. In fact, Trump nominated clearly compromised people as heads to some of the more prominent swamp creatures like Wray of the FBI and Barr of the DOJ. Clearly, both of these agencies have no right to even exist. Such systemic corruption cannot be reformed, it must be eliminated. It's almost comical that the FBI has fasttracked the identification of people involved in trespassing the capitol, but did nothing for years on Hunter Biden while allowing Comey's corruption to run rampant. After witnessing elections for years, a similar pattern to the 2020 election has been present in elections for decades. The only difference was the number of eyeballs watching the outcome of 2020 and President Trump's laudable effort to expose it. In fact, I'm willing to wager that most the corrupt congresscritters in the US Congress were placed there via fraudulent elections. Try discussing real issues such as these ones on Newsmax. LoL Don't fret though as all of these subjects that totalitarians want to silence could easily be discussed over a digital radio platform like DRM. As always, the choice of your investment is yours to decide so make it a good one.


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Thanks for the info tpreitzel. My Dad was into Ham years ago.. funny how things cycle.

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