Hawkins: Last Night We Saw Why Americans Own 16+ Million AR-15s

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This pent-up frustration with the USA has been brewing since the Civil War. The system is rotten because the federal constitution has not been obeyed. Whole provisions of the federal constitution are not enforced as the various branches of government have conspired to avoid them so the powers of those branches are not restrained. Hence, we have a monster and the people have had it. The unconstitutional lockdowns have only fanned the flames. Unfortunately, the USA will probably continue to burn until the whole corrupt system is replaced. Despite the obstacles, President Trump hasn't tried hard enough to "drain the swamp". The people have had it. Look at the little whimp on the Supreme Court, Roberts, who thinks he and some other members of the SCOTUS can suppress the exercise of a couple of divine rights by merely misinterpreting the US Constitution. When was the last time the US Congress forbade the SCOTUS from ruling on an issue? Maybe, Roberts should be among those thugs appropriately judged by the protesters. Unfortunately, the whole USA is corrupt to the core and many people are heavily invested in its continuance so any significant change never occurs. It won't continue despite the investment  or desire of many Americans.

Although the violence is unfortunate, it will continue until the corruption is extinguished at all levels of government. Thousands and thousands of laws will need to be axed and the proper balance of power among the various branches of government restored with a strict enforcement mechanism in place. Capitalism isn't the problem as the investment of capital produces jobs and wealth. The problem is a  debt-based fiat monetary system which produces disparity of wealth. Listen to Joni Mitchell's "Big Yellow Taxi" sometime. Indeed, paradise has been paved over ... by malls, etc financed by, yes, debt. Capitalism is good, but the distortions caused by a fiat monetary system are disastrous. Unfortunately, leftists wrongly confuse fiat money with capitalism.