The Solution to the Face Mask Shortage

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The solution to the face mask shortage is to follow Sweden's example and let this virus run its natural course. Exposure will do more to end this nightmare than anything else, i.e. a poor man's vaccine. Take prudent private measures to defend oneself or die. Simple. Frankly, if the bell-curve is flattening, it's primarily due to exposure (probably more than 100+ million in the USA already) and not social-distancing. Social distancing is dumb and inhuman. Maybe, we should demand pets wear masks, maintain social distance or exterminate them for failing to do so. Will the stupidity ever end? Lastly, why isn't the issue of contagious pets being discussed?

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i have been doing some research because I am a clinical nutritionist. I came across some information that might be helpful. Two kitchen paper towels are said to have 89.2% filtration efficiency (sandwiched with HK MASK). It's certainly better than nothing!  Also read that there are "subtle differences in the viral genome that appear to differentiate the strands of virus that hit the US Pacific NW from that of Wuhan..."  Dr. Dadamo.  Makes me go hmmm. Quercetin and vitamin C and D are supposed to be very helpful; eating an organic diet as much as possible. and not being frightened. A frightened person dies a hundred deaths, so fin.d your place of peace and know that Yahweh is sovereign even over this. 

Be well everyone! Keep smiling. Breathe!!